I am Earthexit1 a Dublin based artist, storyteller and poet.

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to wander amongst my art, my stories and my ideas. I am delighted you dropped by. My background isn’t in art, I’ve been a youth drug intervention worker for nearly 2 decades with disadvantaged kids and have stumbled into art as part of my work. I taught myself to draw and paint so I could use it with the kids, and I honed my skills through various courses and youtube. My art is generally a representation of my ADHD brain where thoughts and ideas whizz by at supersonic speeds, though I always wanted to create stories with my drawings.

I got into NFT in 2018 when I stumbled upon the crypto market and have been here since. More lately I’ve moved professionally into the space, investing in my business, marketing and my skills. My art has continually improved and so have my ideas.
My art will prove to be a valuable investment over time as it continues to improve and I get more knowledge in this space.

Founder, Owner