Celestial Being S01


Subject number 1 originates on a large watery moon that orbits a blue gas giant. The moon is tidally locked to the planet with the far side facing a small star when the planet is rotating. The Gas giant can’t support life though this moon is in the Goldilocks zone and does. It is very different on both sides. The subject species originates on the side facing the gas giant which has a constant dim blue light. It has large eyes to see in the low light and evolved with antennae it uses to communicate information very like human ears but also broadcast radio waves picked up by others antenna. The species eats a substance similar to algae it licks from rocks in shallow water meeting all its dietary requirements. It’s a social creature spending its time in a herd-like system raising young and socialising. There are many predatory creatures on the moon too mostly on the sunny side though more recently they’ve migrated towards them moving away from drought caused by a global warming event.