Celestial Being S06


Subject – 06 is Android Model 1000. The Android Human Hybrid hosts the consciousness of the previously studied S05. The organic life of its operator has ended, and it can now live for eternity in various android models that suit its purpose and afterlife goals. The android bodies are highly advanced though they do become obsolete as new models are created. When a new model is available the consciousness is uploaded to advanced blockchain technology and downloaded to the new unit. The species have lived this way for thousands of years as they have found a way to live past the end of physical life. Though many now say they miss the sensation of having a body and do not want to continue because there’s nothing left to experience in the empty shell they inhabit. However, it’s impossible to die unless the blockchain technology is destroyed. There is a secret society working to make this happen but those still with organic life will never agree as mortality is their goal.