Celestial Being S08


CBS08 – Tree people originate from a heavily wooded and inhabited planet in a small solar system with no sign of technology. At first glance, it would be a challenge to categorise them as humanoids, as they resemble fauna, their skin looks like bark, and they have grown branch-like appendages from their heads and smell like native trees. They have evolved this way to camouflage and hide from the many native predators that inhabit the forest. They live in a harmonious and highly social groups with shared traditions. The species spends most of its time foraging for nutritious berries, seeds, nuts and mushrooms. However, the mushrooms appear to create a narcotic effect on them at a particular time of the season that also coincides with their yearly festival. They say the mushroom was provided to them by the great spirit to bring harmony, connection, and love. They also use it to commune with the dead and as a sexual stimulus that they believe helps them reproduce.