Celestial Being S12


CBS12, a former soldier and now a smuggler and addict. It got seriously injured in a war and has become addicted to a potent narcotic, which it uses to cope with the emotional and physical pain and trauma it experienced. The illicit drug it smuggles is highly addictive and dangerous to both the addicts who use it and those unfortunate to meet them. The drug’s original purpose was to be a consumable, stimulant painkiller for soldiers in a galactic war. However, the soldiers realized when heated with a Lazer and then smoked allays their fears and suffering. The smuggler has flown across the solar system to a rendezvous on a space station. A side effect is the eyeballs start to deteriorate, and death soon follows. Though certain death doesn’t seem to prevent these poor unfortunates from transporting the drug, they know it’s a one-way trip but can’t stop. The station cartel bosses are happy to use them up and throw the bodies out of the airlock as there are many more like them, expendable!